Get Your Pet In This
Coffee-Table Book!
& help the Oregon Humane Society as well!
How Does It Work?
It's just $200 to get your pet and your family
your own FULL PAGE in the book.
You also get YOUR OWN COPY of the book!
100% of all profits from the sale of the book go to

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens next?
After you sign up, you may call us at the studio (503-663-1513) or we'll call you to arrange for a Portrait Consultation Session at the studio.

You'll meet with Charles and design your portraits together.
This guarantees there's no surprises and that everything turns out perfect!
Who is Charles G. Waugh, the artist doing the book?
The Northwest’s celebrated author and photographer Charles G. Waugh,
has photographed hundreds of families with their pets, and is a master of using humor to get  everyone to ‘Sit... stay!’

He’s created portraits of senators, governors, mayors, and other ‘big dogs’, but he always treats everyone like royalty.
Senator Mark O. Hatfield
Ryan and Stephanie Snyder
Owners, Stephanie Inn, Cannon Beach, OR
Katie Harman-Ebner
Miss America 2002
Charles' main portrait studio website:
Charles specializes in wall portraits:
He also creates functional items from found materials:
When will the book be published?
The finished book will have 200 families and their pets in it.
The sooner we get everybody signed up, the sooner it can go to press!

So, you can see that we can't put a hard date on anything yet.
And, the sooner you tell all our friends and get them to sign up,
the sooner the book will be done!
How much will a copy of the book be?
The retail price will be $49.95 and
the Oregon Humane Society gets
100% of the profits from the book!
Where can we buy the book when it's out?
Currently we are in talks with Tiffany's and Le Louvre Museum.
Just kidding! We aim to have it on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, at our beloved Powell's and many, many pet-oriented stores around Portland.

If you want it in YOUR favorite store,
let us know and we'll follow right up!
How many pets can I have on a page in the book?
If you have an ant farm that you want to bring in, that'd be THOUSANDS!

In reality, the logistics of wrangling more than three dogs at once can be daunting, and we can discuss that during the Portrait Consultation Session.
Can I have more than one page in the book?
YES! Extra pages are available! Each page is $200
What prints can we get for ourselves?
Charles has many different options of size, finish and mounting available.
The most popular is the Wall Panel with multiple images:

He'll show you all about what's available when you are in for your Portrait Consultation Session.
How do I get into the building after hours or on Saturdays?
The building is locked after 6:00PM and throughout the weekends.

To get in, simply go to the entrance that is on Simply go to the entrance that is on THE LAKE ROAD SIDE OF THE BUILDING.

There is a big set of glass doors between the FedEx, UPS, and USPS postboxes.

Just ring the DOORBELL to the right of those doors,
it rings in the studio to let us know you are here.
What is your re-scheduling policy?
We understand that people and pets get sick, so give a call and we can reschedule.

One drawback to rescheduling is that all the remaining time slots for the book may be taken, so you might not get in.

Get Prepared!

What do I bring to the session?

Clothes? Props? Treats? Toys?

Pull the group together with color.
Keep things simple, in SOLID colors, and muted:

Now, look what happens if just ONE person is in a different color:
The portrait ends up being all about her.
Well, she might not think that's such a bad thing, but we want everyone to have 'equal billing'. :-)

Here (below) the kids are in reds and the parents in blacks and khakis:

Here the color-scheme was kept to yellows and browns (his shirt is pattern, but it is muted)

Another portrait in yellows and browns:

Using clothes of a color different than your pets can help smaller pets be seen clearly when they are posed in your lap or in front of you:

A beautiful use of formal clothes and fluffy pups!

If you are a dad of twins, dress 'em like convicts:

And, feel free to be who you are and show off what you do: (even if your pets are made of metal and you just made them!)

For portraits of individuals the clothes can be whatever you want.
(Especially if you're under 6 years of age!):

If you have ANY questions, please call us at 503-663-1513 - we're here to help!
You may certainly bring props! The more the merrier!
Sunny turned 13 the day this was taken, so we had a party:

The clothes a pet wears tell a story as well. Nellie (below) spent the first three years of her life in a meth house and was rescued from there. She wore a coat because her fur just wasn't growing back. :-(

And Bobo is just plain old cute! in his little sweater:

This Chinese-inspired chest is Tio's favorite perch:
Treats and Toys
IF you bring treats or toys , keep them hidden away.

I use treats VERY sparingly. Otherwise, the dog ends up looking at my hand the whole time, and not at the camera.

And don't use the word 'treat' or 'ball' or whatever gets your pet going - we want them to stay focused (if at all possible!)
Dogs should be tired and hungry, but...
A tired and hungry dog is pliable, moves slower, and is easier to work with.
But, people should be fed and rested.
Babies and toddlers are best at their 'peak hours' of alertness.
Me? I need coffee. LOTS of coffee.
Contact the studio:
Charles Fine Art Portraits
6400 S.E. Lake Road #142
Portland, OR 97222
Pets are allowed into the building
ONLY through the doors on Lake Road:
The Building Owner has requested that
pets come in the doors nearest to my studio.

Simply go to the entrance that is on

There is a big set of glass doors between the FedEx, UPS, and USPS postboxes.

After hours and on Saturdays,
use the DOORBELL to the right of those doors,
it rings in the studio to let us know you are here.
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